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Why do you need a blog? Blogs increase sales. This is a fact. Blogs get more traffic from search engines and if you have it linked to your website, it leads the traffic to your site. As long as you are entering meaningful articles that contain your keywords, text links, and categories, then you should get most of these benefits automatically.
To update your website, you need some technical knowledge. But with a blog, you can update information on your own without your webmaster’s help.
We at K&J International can customize your blog to look just like your website.

ブログ制作 実例A

Official Website
Official Blog
ブログ制作費 実例A
As you can see from the above, we customized the blog (livedoor blog) to look just like the official website. The blog is linked to the site and vice versa.In this case, our client had joined a plan with a monthly fee to have no livedoor advertisements on the blog. We can customize almost all major Japanese blogs such as Ameba Blog, Yahoo Blog, etc. and even most foreign ones as well.

ブログ制作 実例A

K&J インターナショナル公式サイト
Official Website
K&J インターナショナル公式ブログ
Official Blog
ブログ制作費 実例B
Like Example A, this blog site is customized to look just like the official site with all the buttons in place. The only difference is that this blog has no monthly charges therefore there are many advertisements on the page.

ブログ制作 実例C

Official Website
Official Blog
ブログ制作費 実例C

ブログ制作 実例D

Official Website
Official Blog
ブログ制作費 実例D
You do not need to have a completely customized blog. In the case above, we have just added a top banner and the left buttons leading to the official website.
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