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Web Design Flow

Below are our basic steps involved in building your company's website. These steps are simple but are very important in the process of creating a successful website.

Web Design Flow

STEP1:Free Consultation STEP5:Amendments and Sub Pages
STEP2:Free Estimate STEP6:Fnail Check
STEP3:Contract STEP7:Ste Upload
STEP4:Rough Draft STEP8:Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
STEP1:Free Consultation
We will consult and work with you to review and determine your needs and goals. In this step, it is very important to include you as much as possible since your site will be designed to portray you, your ideas and your business.
STEP2:Free Estimate
With the information gathered, we will establish an estimate for the services desired.
At this stage, we usually would like to meet you in person to discuss further details. Although we can do this over the phone, skype and/or email.

Once a fee is agreed upon, you will need to read through and fill out our contract form. Upon receipt of a signed contract, the deposit of 50% of the quoted fee will be due. Once this payment is received, work can begin!
STEP4:Rough Draft
Along with our research, we will need to discuss many areas to understand your desires and to design a plan together. This is a collaborative effort to determine the design architecture, which includes the overall look and feel of your site. With this information, we will make a "rough draft" top page custom layout to present to you.
STEP5:Amendments and Sub Pages
In our next step, we work together to improve the “rough draft”. It is here where we amend the design and layout. It is important that you are fully satisfied before we can move on to create the sub pages.
STEP6:Final Check
When all the pages are completed and approved by you, we will get ready to upload your site.
STEP7:Uploading Your Site
When all pages are completed and final approval is given, the remaining 50% of quoted fee will be due before the site is uploaded on the internet.
STEP8:Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
For those who have agreed with our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan, we will proceed with the steps needed to be taken.
In any of the steps above, you are more than welcome to contact us any time with changes or questions. We need your input to create a good site.

Once the site is up, this is not the end. We will assist you all areas to keep your site updated.
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